A very Gruffalo gift guide (three year olds +)


I just want to start off by saying that we know exactly how lucky our three year old is. We’re blessed with many gorgeous friends and family who always give him lots of gifts. As he grows, his gifts are changing and evolving with him. Squidgems loves The Gruffalo (not that it has been forced upon him for as long as I can remember and that it is any form of indoctrination, at all!) As luck would have it, he did end up getting lots of Gruffalo things. Of course, mummy loves as much as he does.

Gruffalo themed clothing items:

Unfortunately this one is sold out! Santa did pick this up in the Tu Clothing sale so I did predict it would be. It’s fleece lined on the inside so it is actually more than a flimsy bin liner type suit. It’s well worth getting something like this if you like trips into forests and general jumping in puddles. You can just whip it off before they get in the car, without them having to be undressed entirely and it becoming a big faff. That being said, I did find it hard to spot one I really liked and that wasn’t really overpriced. Santa was a great help for this one. *ahem*

gruffalo puddle suit
I want one!

Gruffalo pjs were delivered by the Elf in the Christmas Eve box as a parting gift. (Buddy knows it doesn’t make sense to buy xmas pjs the night before xmas because it’s just good sense, right?!) Here’s the link, although I honestly think they will be sold out soon. https://www.marksandspencer.com/the-gruffalo-print-pyjama-set-1-8-years-/p/clp60275627

gruffalo pjs
So cosy.

M & S pjs always stand the test of time. He doesn’t seem to grow out of them in seconds, they wash well and they don’t go all bobbly and uncomfortable. We usually make sure we pick some up in the Christmas sales to get him through the year too. This year, we haven’t really been able to find the bits we liked in the sale so we just thought we’d pick them up as and when we see them rather than buying for the sake of it.

Hat, scarf and gloves set. Sorry- this is also a sold out item but they do have many others on the Tu Clothing website which are character themed. Can you even manage to make it out of Sainsbury’s without a bag full of stuff you had no intention of buying but it was just too cute to say no to?

gruffalo hat and scarf set
Cosy cosy

Gruffalo themed games:

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He has been absolutely loving his Gruffalo Memory Game > https://amzn.to/2FdlxAp *

Gruffalo memory game

We’ve had hours of fun with this already and it’s brilliant for developing working memory. He’s a great big cheat though! It’s great to see his confidence in turn taking and patience growing. His resilience to keep going through a whole game is lovely to see too. There are quite a lot of pieces to pair up and match!

The Gruffalo floor puzzle is a nice size for little hands. > https://amzn.to/39t2Mqt *

gruffalo floor puzzle jigsaw
Great for squidgy three year olds’ hands.

Gruffalo dominoes have been a great new addition to his stash. Something different and gets him used to the attention and time it takes to complete whole puzzles. https://amzn.to/2rKwbeJ *

We love retelling parts of the story whilst we play. It’s great to see and hear how much his retention abilities are growing so rapidly. Julia Donaldson’s stories already have a firm place in our house. He knows so much of Squash and a Squeeze off by heart, he could teach it to adults! Repeating and completing familiar phrases from known stories is so important as a reader and a writer. It might sound silly, but all of these early skills we embed through simple games like this are already moulding what kind of reader and writer or children could end up being.

gruffalo dominoes
Simple and effective.

The Gruffalo board game is ace. My mum and teacher heads are both totally in love with it. It’s a board game with the traditional roll a dice and move places. You each get a mouse counter in a different colour and move around the board. You can develop number recognition, counting, listening and attention and so much more through simple games like this. Brilliant. https://amzn.to/2MMDj1x *

deep dark wood game
I think I might be enjoying it more than him.

Have you got any must-have gift ideas for little Gruffalo lovers? Leave them in the comments below or send me a tweet/ insta @sentimentshed


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  1. Jenny in Neverland
    2nd January 2020 at 1:14 pm

    The little Gruffalo clothes are so cute! x

  2. Amy
    2nd January 2020 at 6:07 pm

    My little boy isn’t 3 yet, but I love the game ideas for when he’s older. My mum has the grufflao books and he loves reading them when he’s over there. The memory game stands out for me. I think I’ll have to buy it and save it for his birthday 🙂

    I’ll be pinning this for future reference 🙂

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