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*The poster was gifted to me in return for a review, however all opinions are my own and I would only review something I have liked and am happy to have up in my home.

I love a good poster. I always have. Although, the kind of posters I opt for these days has evolved from Blu Tac and 5ive posters pulled out of a Top of the Pops magazine. Well, I say ‘evolved’. Admittedly, our dining room is now more of a classroom with a dining table pushed into a corner than a dining room but we love it. Having a three year old means that I often end up sticking up things as visual prompts for the little one. Forever a teacher, what can I say?

When LookLearn offered to send over a poster from their collection, I was thrilled to review their product. The work they are doing aligns with my interests as a teacher and a parent. You can find posters from alphabet prints to posters of the human skeleton and space. I opted for something for all of us which would stand the test of time, but there are many other posters which you can find on their website to suit your needs and tastes.


Who are LookLearn?

The story of LookLearn really does begin with a classic gap in the market. LookLearn creator Peter Higgins has been in the design business for over twenty years. He’s also a father and was looking for educational posters for his daughters’ newly decorated bedrooms. Peter was on a quest to find something functional, fun and stylish – and something that appealed to him as a designer. Peter was genuinely surprised to discover that the world of educational posters hadn’t moved on much since his own childhood – most products were badly designed and overcrowded with colour!

So he did just what any good designer would do – he decided to create his own!

Peter created LookLearn to bring a series of beautifully designed prints for children and adults too. They say

“as a brand we have thought long and hard about what we would want in our homes for our own young children. Something educational and fun, yet stylish and smart was the answer. In these posters colour, content and design of early learning aids got a complete makeover. We hope you’ll agree LookLearn has a fresh take on education prints. We think you’ll want to hang them throughout your home not just in your children’s bedrooms.”

Our poster

We went for the ‘say hello to the world’ in blue. It came well packaged and was in great condition. The little touches with the stickers were sweet. The poster is 50cm by 70cm so it fills a great space with a lovely, clear visual. We liked the fact that ours would work for years for us and our little one. The poster is great quality and the printing is unique. In a saturated market, I would say that LookLearn have found a great niche; educational and contemporary. If you’re looking for something which is going to be great for your little one to learn from without taking away the style element, then check out LookLearn!


Please go and check out their work. You can find their website by CLICKING HERE and their Twitter on @looklearn

Check out and support their Instagram on


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  1. Sophie Wentworth
    4th February 2020 at 9:27 pm

    This looks amazing I love the idea of having things like this framed around the home. Hello to the world is a great choice too x


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