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Toys which help learning; a teacher mum specialty! There is no escape for the child of a teacher, is there? I hope this toy review can help some of you who might be as obsessive as me about using toys to support learning.

I spent a long time trying to find something like this. He’s had the basic number jigsaws before, but I wanted something which was going to stand the test of time a bit better. Something which was going to help to develop maths beyond just numeral recognition. After searching on Amazon for something reasonably priced and versatile, I found this toy CLICK HERE *

The toy review:

The toy is mostly wood. It is compact and pretty. The pastel colouring makes it very pleasing on the eye. It makes a nice change from all the primary coloured superheroes and cars we seem to have a mass collection of now. It all comes inside a wooden tray with the top section acting as a lid.

number toy review

Inside the wooden box are the 3 main components; the wooden numbers, the wooden fish and the plastic rings. Also included is a fishing rod with a magnet on the end to catch the fish with. You assembly the wooden sticks into size order, or as your child grows they do this themselves and you discuss taller/ shorter.

number toy review

The fish are rather cute. They each have the numeral on them. The colours of the fish match the colours of the wooden numbers so from an early age the association can be developed.

number toy review

What can they learn?

There are many layers of learning you can build with simple toys like this. The most basic of which is fitting the numbers into their spaces. You’ll get lots of fine motor action with the fishing, jigsaw element and the placing of the hoops onto the wooden sticks. You can grow the toy with your little one as the rings will support with concrete addition and subtraction. When your little one is ready, you can use the toy to add and subtract. For example, write out a simple number sentence and get them to physically do the addition or subtraction using the rings. Because you’re getting a total of over 50 rings, you could even do multiplication with the rings if that’s where your little one is at. e.g. 4 x 2 is 4 groups of 2 rings etc. Clever really as a simple box of tricks.

number toy review

It’s a hit!

Of course most importantly, it has gone down a storm so I thought it was worth sharing. He likes taking it out with him when he’s going over to his cousins’. Because it’s so easy to pack and take, I love it too. It’s going to give him learning on the go so great! You can find more of that HERE

I hope this little toy review has helped you to stumble upon something useful! Come and say hello on Instagram and Twitter if we’re not already following each other! I’m Sentiment Shed on both 🙂

*this is an affiliate link. This means that if you purchase this toy using it, I will make a small amount of money at no extra cost to you. This, as ever, has no influence over my opinion of the toy. I wouldn’t be reviewing it if I didn’t think it was worth sharing.


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